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The total supply of Xenios Blockchain is 108,000,000 coins. Stake XNC and win more!


Xenios is based on an innovative system called "semi-stable". This system allows Xenios a stable minimum (base) price and unlimited liquidity. That way,investors feel more secure than ever, as they are able to liquidate any amount of XNC anytime.

Business solution

XENIOS A Blockchain for Business

Xenios is a business and asset managment-oriented cryptocurrency. It offers anonymous, secure and fast transactions. Xenios will be accepted by many businesses and enterprises globally in a short period of time as it is one of the safest digital assets. On its stable minimum price, staking XNC will produce wealth for all that make or accept transactions with our coin.

Xenios "Hotels & Flights" is a service that provides offers on travel and accommodation, to users that pay with XNC. Xenios' asset managment adds extra value to Xenios, as 95% of net profits will be added to coin's price. The quaranteed minimum price of Xenios will constantly be growing higher.

XeniosCoin (XNC) is already listed to the following Exchanges: Finexbox, Altilly, Vindax, Squirrex.


How Xenios Coin Works

  • Xenios is an asset management digital currency.
  • Its value goes up, from asset managment and business consulting.
  • Base Price for Q1 2021 - US$ 0.40.
  • Base price is the warranty buy-back price.
  • This "base price" is always goes 'upper and upper' as our assets produce value. This pattern is the semi-stable system
  • Asset managment returns 95% of the net profit to the coin value.
  • Tourism Business return 5% of the net profit, HBA return 20% of total income.
  • All returns are added to the coin value.
  • Coin Abbreviation XNC
  • Total Sum of Coins 108,000,000
Xenios Exchange Details

Xenios Trading Platforms

Xenios Trading Distribution

  • 8%
  • 12%
  • 6%
  • 11%
  • 53%

Company Roadmap

October 2019

Xenios Boot. An innovative X11 technology.

December 2019

XeniosCoin has been listed in 4 Exchnages for trading. Our asset managment department builds new services

February 2021

Multistore that accepts Xenios exclusively. A new global tour operator uses Xenios

June 2021

Xenios Exchange. UBACS L.T.D. uses solely Xenios for products and services.

January 2022

Investments all over the world, Xenios Debit Card, Xenos Banking System


Wallet & Documentation

Download Xenios Wallet

Latest Release 1.0.0

Learn how XeniosCoin(XNC) value gains

Xenios via Investments 10% per Year from Net Profit
Xenios via Tourism, Hotels & Flights 10% per Year from Net Profit
Xenios Via UBACS L.T.D. 10% per Year from Net Profit
Xenios Via 10% per Year from Net Profit
Xenios via Xenios Coin Trading 5% per Year from Net Profit
Xenios Debit 10% per Year from Net Profit
Xenios Banking System 10% per Year from Net Profit
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